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Linux | DistroInstall

Ubuntu stable is currently used by Engineering Computing and a Debian based distribution will be used for the near future. A variety of factors lead to this decision the main points were the excellent packaging system and the independent community organization surrounding Debian. Ubuntu's six month release schedule and focus on a consistent desktop experience played a large role in its adoption.

The Ubuntu installation procedure is very straightforward and the defaults are quite sane. However, for servers it is advisable to separate partitions are created for directories such as: /tmp, /home, /var, /, and /usr.

-- DavidCollie - 05 Jul 2007


Due to continuing problems with FAI, and the cross-distro (debian-based) compatibility of preseeding, preseeding is the prefered method of automatic Linxus installs.

-- AlexBencz - 31 Aug 2006

FAI Problems

For undetermined reasons FAI is not functioning correctly as of May 29, 2006. While most of the install goes as planned, cfengine does not run as it should leaving the machine without any GUI packages after the install. The current workaround is to run the following commands as root after FAI completes the install:
# cfengine -q
# pkgsync
or simply:
# cfengine -q -D runpkgsync

-- AlexBencz - 29 May 2006