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Linux | EngSocRequirements

EngSoc's Requirements

The electronic information display is required to display a set of webpages edited by EngSoc. For this purpose, it is crtitical that the computer is able to:

  1. Access the internet
    • Realtek Gigabit drivers
    • Network management utilities
  2. Support graphics (X)
    • Drivers for i915 (i810)
    • Support monitor resolution
  3. Run a web browser (firefox)
    • Automatically on system boot
    • As an unpriviledged user
    • In full screen
    • Support for Flash
  4. Run without user input
    • Start without user input
    • Run without user input
  5. Prevent unauthorized use
    • Disabling user logins
    • Disabling unnecessary services
    • Enforcing firewall rules
  6. Video playback through the web browser
    • Embedded plug-in
    • Sound support (ALSA)
    • AVI and QuickTime playback

-- JanosMartonosi - 21 Nov 2006