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Linux | KnoppixRemaster

This section decribes creation of the kiosk from Knoppix. Our final version is now based on Damn Small Linxu (DSL), which has already remastered Knoppix to sub-50 MB size and added a simple method for modifying it with root-relative archives (.dsl extensions). Most of the kiosk functionality is now achieved through the a booth.dsl extension to the basic DSL distribution. We leave the description below for achival purposes.

-- SteveCarr - 05 May 2006

Remastering Knoppix is not especially difficult, there is an excellent guide provided on the website. I followed the steps in the guide to create a custom Knoppix kiosk livecd.

I created a spare partition where I copied over the contents of the Knoppix cd as intructed in the documentation. I then chrooted into the knoppix source directory and began to make my changes. The first order of business was to remove as many unneccessary packages as possible to slim down the installation size. By purging all of the unneeded software I was able to reduce the size of the final iso image to roughly 200 MB. The package localepurge was quite helpful at freeing up space. I also deleted most of the documentation that was a part of the install. I then installed, using apt-get, the 0.9.3 version of Firefox and metacity. Following this, I installed the booth package with my scripts which added the guest account. I had to make a small modification to the kiosk-dm script but that was all. Unfortunately, the knx-installer package depends on apache-utils and kdm. However, they do not appear to be actually required to run the program. I downloaded the source, changed the debian control file, and rebuilt the package without those dependencies.

I had to remove the lock and unlock commands from the kiosk-dm script because the files they were trying to move would not be writable when Knoppix was run from cd. Then I manually copied over my custom browser.jar file to /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/chrome. I also changed the setting in /etc/X11/Xwrapper.config from console to anybody. Finally, I copied over the example inittab file, and file included in my booth package replacing the default Knoppix inittab and set a root password.

There is a script that is run everytime Knoppix boots up called knoppix-autoconfig located in /etc/init.d. It has a DESKTOP= setting that defaults to kde. I was unsure if it was neccessary to change this so I set it to kiosk. There are also several commands in the knoppix-autoconfig that attempt to use the knoppix uid and gid. However, I have removed the knoppix user account so I changed these commands to root or the guest account I created. To finish up I followed the instructions in the documentation to generate an iso image from the changes I had made when I was chrooted into the source directory.

-- DavidCollie - 02 Nov 2004