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The TWiki.Linux web is a campus resource for Linux knowledge. Authorized individuals are welcome to add or delete some stuff. It is recommended to walk through the TWikiTutorial to get a jumpstart on the TWiki tool. A good rule of thumb is to add at the end of the page and sign & date it with your WikiName.

Linux workstations (a.k.a. desktop Linux) and Linux servers are two different beasts. For Linux servers, the particular distribution chosen makes relatively little difference. Stability and security are the main concerns. But for desktop Linux, the implementation of the GUI and applications are what's important. In this circumstance, the cutting edge versions often provide a superior experience for the users, and properly managed workstations expose a minimum of network services. Desktop Linux is where there is legitimate room for advocacy of one distribution over another. Therefore, we'll divide our documentation based on use:


Description of the Linxus thinclient and managed workstation environment


Notes about specialized clients ...


About the Engineering Society's display terminal


Notes from a planning session held Jan. 11, 2005 ...


Older projects that have been replaced.

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